Hi! I'm Anna!

Hi! I am Anna. I was born in Poland, but grew up living in a small town in Norway. For the past two years I’ve been living as an exchange student in Lisbon and in Brooklyn. This place is a collection of my travels, people, creative projects and favorite moments from everyday life.

The blog started out as a way for me to journal my explorations in painting and photography. I found a passion in all things creative, and after starting to explore my creative side I realized that I needed to add a creative component to my business degree - that’s how I stumbled into graphic design and fell head over heels! Now I work as a graphic designer for a firm in Oslo, Norway.

If you need a photographer, or a graphic designer, or somebody that can do both, take a look at my portfolio here. Feel free to drop an e-mail anytime to: anna.miczka@gmail.com
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