August Weekend

24 August, 2015

As I am writing this I realize that summer will probably soon be over, although it feels like it has just started. 

During first week in August I had an absolutely amazing weekend with friends at Anette's cabin (the lovely lady in blue, to the left in the last picture). Life here is just the best and I am so happy to have experienced this weekend with her, Hedda and Alex. 

Weekend highlights

1. Roaming around in a tiny boat (that felt like it was barely floating since we had packed the four of us on it) on the lookout for an island to have lunch on. 
2. Playing good old Super Mario until 2 AM. (Although I really do suck at it...)
3. Staying outside in the total dark, pondering about life "out in space" and trying to spot shooting stars

It must have been one of the best weekends this year. 

The night before

19 August, 2015

I am having surgery tomorrow. It's actually one of those laparoscopies where they have you come in for a couple of hours, then they do their thing and then your off home even before the afternoon. Not a biggie at all! I am kind of excited and actually optimistic about it. Plus - it will be so good to have it over with.

The only thing is - I'm really not a fan of hospitals. There is just something so awkward about walking around in a place where people destinies, lifes and deaths even, have been determined. It makes my end up pondering about metaphysics and eventually getting depressed.

I am in complete awe of people who work in hospitals and feel comortable in that enviroment. Anyone else feeling me?

Life is in between the "scrums"

12 August, 2015

Sigurd just had a perfect quote for our vacation. We were snorkling on a tiny island, somewhere outside of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

"This is life. In between all the scrums. This is it."

There is no other way to say how I felt as well. We were completely immersed in the experience of exploring a small underwater world. How trivial everything else seemed at that moment. (I regretted badly that I didn't get a underwater GoPro camera for this trip.)

We met Ivo during our stay in Dubrovnik. Ivo gave us a private sailing tour, and knew about all the cool spots to see when you go sailing in Dubrovnik. He also invited us for another day of sailing to a lighthouse nearby. But because of my typical whimsiness I got our departure dates wrong and we didn't go. Argh! I'm still a little mad at myself for that. On the other hand, it's so easy to completely lose a sense of time when you are on vacation. And I guess that's the way it's supposed to be. Right?

Anyways. We did love Dubrovnik and there is no doubt that we will come back. Maybe already next year. And if you guys are thinking about a visit make sure to drop by this vegetarian restaurant that Lu so kindly recommended. Their curry banana dish is the best. And make sure to spend many evenings at one of the cliff bars. 

Just checking in on a Friday night

07 August, 2015

All of sudden Friday is here again! It's the first week after a long vacation, and starting to "live as normal" is always somewhat a transition. Our two weeks spent in Dubrovnik went by like a dream.  My photo above pretty much describes the atmosphere, but I still have tons of photos to edit and post for you. Meanwhile...

These are some discoveries I made recently

1. This article about the possible effect of dopamine on creativity is so interesting.
2. Does anyone of you listen to Owsey? Owsey makes dreamy mixes like this that I sometimes wish could be the soundtrack to my life.
3. Maja is finally posting again! Yay! (I've missed your posts Maja.)
4. How to prep healthy food for the whole week.  I will definitely try this very soon.
5. I gave Life is Strange a try a couple of weeks ago and I am HOOKED! I assure you that I am not the typical gamer. But this game is just a piece of art in every way: a well crafted story with complex characters, beautiful themes and graphics, atmosphere and soundtrack. So despite frequent crashes because of my computer's weak performace, I launch it over and over again.

I'm heading on a cabin trip for the weekend. What have you guys been up to lately? Any exciting vacations or discoveries? I miss blogging...

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