A quick hello from Dubrovnik

24 July, 2015

Just stopping by really, really shortly with a quick hello from Dubrovnik. Today is the only day I allow myself to use my MacBook for a while. Other than that I am staying away from both my computer and smartphone as much as I can. To be honest, it has felt like a blessing to be offline for a while. My camera is, as always, with me almost everywhere.

The best things about this vacation is the utter laziness me and Sigurd have allowed ourselves. I still have to get myself used to be totally okay with just laying by the pool sipping Piña Coladas. Finally I have had the time to approach the end of this beautiful read - one that I have been delaying to finish so I can enjoy it longer.

I hope you are having a really enjoyable summer. I can't wait to catch up with you when I get back here after next week.

Anna and Hedda in Paris (a film)

18 July, 2015

Hedda is still head over heels about Paris - a love affair that started during a school semester in 2010 and which doesn't seem to ever wear off. I can't blame her. Just imagine spending Sundays at the Louvre museum, friday nights with friends by the Siene river or sipping wine under the Eiffel tower at night.

This film could also be called "Eating and Lounging in Paris" because those were the moments I remembered to capture on film. Looking at this little clip makes me dream about living and working in different cities - giving me time to infuse the spirit of a place. What a great way to never loose inspiration. Oh, maybe one day.

(My film editing skills are still very much underdeveloped, but I absolutely adore working with my Canon 5D. We are heading over to Dubrovnik tomorrow and I can't wait to film more with it.)

Music is by Keith Kenniff from the beautiful album "Branches".

A way-too-short trip to Paris

16 July, 2015


untitled-2.jpg untitled.jpg

I don't know how to start describing Paris. The city is absolutely everything I have ever dreamed of. It has a truly beautiful atmosphere - full of gorgoeusly dressed people, grandiose buildings and that romantic feel to it. And that makes me (and probably almost every female in the universe) feel at home there. A funny thing is that it also feels like a mix of two cities I have lived in before - Lisbon & St. Petersburg.

I am happy that I traveled here with one of my closest friends, Hedda. She knows everything that is worth to see in this city and I couldn't have a better compangnion to explore, laugh and eat horrific ammounts of chocolate with.

Paris really exceeded all my expecations tenfold. These are just tiny glimpses of what we did during our four days. I also have a little film coming up.


05 July, 2015

We are visiting Sigurd's parents in the valley for the weekend.  As always - it is so incredibly good to be here. We've been hiking, making salads with ingredients straight from the garden and soaking up the sun. The sunsets and mountain views are to die for.

Everyone has been complaining about this year being really cold in general. Spring was extended trough June with its chilly winds. But the temprature all of a sudden peaked last week and now we have a heatwave over us. Not that I am complaining AT ALL! (Although I'm spending the day inside with a major headace from being out in the sun all day.) Summer must be the best season to be alive.
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