Life lately

14 June, 2015

Me and Sigurd are home in the Valley for a couple of days. Summer is creeping upon us really, really slow this year - but we are making the most of our weekends.


1.-2. Moments from Larvik, a coastal town south of Oslo. The shrimps were fresh of the boat!
3. I adore lambs! But here they are about to loose their interest in me as they realize I'm not there to feed them. The Valley.
4. Delicious food at Trattoria Poolare in Grünerløkka.
5. Our neighboorhood. Walking past these lilacs in bloom just transports me back to fifth grade and last day of school before the summer.

I realize that these glimses are not particularly special in any way. And yet - why do I feel they're pretty awesome?

Some links that have made me emotional this last week:

1. Seeing this made me realize that there is still hope in the world.
2. If you're a designer, this will make you laugh.
3. Joanna posted this on grief on her blog. The timing of this post was so perfect, as I really needed some insight on the topic the same day she postet this. It couldn't resonnate more.

Le Bouquet

13 June, 2015

Although the temperature back in the valley is just above 17°C (60°F) I am really hopeful for the summer in my Mama's garden. What I really can't wait for is the blooming the 20 different peonies we have. Every year Mama's garden is getting bigger and the bouquets more abundant. I just really love the fact that bouquet season is upon us. 

Malaga highlights

07 June, 2015

One of the last days in Malaga I realized how much I had needed the break. The last weeks before I went had just been go, go, go- rarely giving me a minute to reflect on what was going on. It was good to be away, to be inspired by a new city and get the time to photograph it. 

I've realized that I do not have many photos physically anymore, and I miss that feeling of actually holding pictures. I end up spending days semi-anually where I collect all photos that I want to print, and I easily loose track of what I have printed on what I haven't. Are you guys good at printing photos, and how do you have a routine for that? I'd love it if you shared some of your tips with me!

(Last photo is taken by my mom.)

Happy weekend

06 June, 2015

This entire week has been one of the weirdest and sadest in many years. I got some sad news on Tuesday and although I had no right to be affected by it, it did get to me, and I have been thinking a lot about life all week.

I haven't been my normal self at work and I hope this weekend will give me the chance to just be myself without trying to control my sadness and anger. I do feel things are already better this Saturday morning.

And I have still so many photos from Malaga I want to share with you! Have a lovely Saturday, darlings!

Photo is from a run me and Sigurd did a couple of weeks ago. 
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