Maybe... One day?

29 May, 2015

I this message to my friend Eden the other day:

Hey girl, I am thinking about how great it would be to take a year off from work, move to a low-cost country and learn as much design as possible. Maybe set up a business?
I know it is completely unrealistic for me to even think about taking a gap year to learn things or set up a business. I have after all studied for way too long already. But maybe there is a chance I can start a creative business one day that would enable me to be independent of a specific location. For now I have to squeeze any private project into whatever is left of my free time in the evenings and weekends so I can learn and expand my portfolio.

The ideal would of course to be able to work, get enough time to do the fun and explorative design as well as earn some money. And I am starting to think it might not be so far fetched after all.

Have you ever thought about taking a gap year to fulfill your personal goals?

(Photo from Malaga)

Old Malaga

28 May, 2015

My mom has visited Malaga probably five times. I say probably, because none of has track of exactly how many times. Malaga has a little bit of everything. A cute town with a lot of historic sites all very close to each other, authentic (and inauthentic) tapas bars and a lovely beach. 

On the first day we visited the Alcazaba fortress. For someone like me who adores attractions that transport you back in time, it was the perfect start of a vacation. Walking through allies of orange trees on tile floors that have been made many centuries ago really make you feel in touch with Moorish and Roman history. It was still early in the in the season so it felt like we almost had the place to ourselves. 


That first evening I spent way too much time in the rose garden taken pictures. Even my poor mom, who is practically a gardener and obsesses about flowers on a daily basis, started to become a little inpatient with me. 

I have a less overwhelming chunck of photos left to edit, so I hope it won't take too long before my next Malaga post. See you very soon, friends! 

On photography

25 May, 2015

I constantly drool over sultry photography online with incredible athmosphere, and I'm in absolute awe of those photographers that both take amazing photos, but then also transform them into pieces of art through editing.

I've have a huge pile of photos from a trip to Spain with my Mom. I have taken a lot time to make my own filters in Photoshop and it's been so much fun. I still can't help asking myself whether it's right to distort photos to look different from what the atmosphere really was - even if the effects are looking natural. For a while VSCO and Afterlight were a part of my iPhone editing flow, but I use them in moderation. So my question to you is: How do you feel about beautifying photos? And how much editing is too much for you?

My kitchen in the Saturday sun. Edited with Afterlight.

A short trip to Gdansk

24 May, 2015

Some weeks ago Sigurd's parents invited us, Anders and Karin for a short trip to Gdansk in Poland. It was the best brake from a new role in a really challening project at work. We spent a lot of time at the spa and it felt as if we were eating all the time.

I just realized how great (and confusing) it was to speak Polish again. I rarely value the fact that I know so many languages. And although I learned some history while visiting Gdansk I really wish that I knew so much more about Polish history and geography. My knowledge of both areas is unfortunately scandalously low. That is part of the reason why me and Sigurd are thinking about devoting two weeks to a road trip in Eastern Europe this fall.

That being said, I have not travelled much in Norway either. I was reminded of that when I talked to my friend Olga that visited us right before we went to Gdansk. (Hmmm. What nature sites should I recommend, really? I have still not been to the major ones) Hopefully, next time when Olga comes around we will have time to explore a place in Norway together. In the meantime we are aiming at putting a lot more weekend trips to our calendars.
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