The night before

19 August, 2015

I am having surgery tomorrow. It's actually one of those laparoscopies where they have you come in for a couple of hours, then they do their thing and then your off home even before the afternoon. Not a biggie at all! I am kind of excited and actually optimistic about it. Plus - it will be so good to have it over with.

The only thing is - I'm really not a fan of hospitals. There is just something so awkward about walking around in a place where people destinies, lifes and deaths even, have been determined. It makes my end up pondering about metaphysics and eventually getting depressed.

I am in complete awe of people who work in hospitals and feel comortable in that enviroment. Anyone else feeling me?


  1. Hospitals have such a heavy environment... I feel you. Good luck with the surgery! I'm sure you will be home in a second :)

  2. Ooh, hospitals give me the creeps. They're too white. So very bare of anything that feels remotely home-y. I agree with that for sure! But those people that work there are like heroes. Crazy how God uses them to witness such crazy moments of birth and death. It's a beautiful life!

  3. oh i definitely feel you!
    hope you'll gett better soon :)

  4. Hope everything went well!! :) Please update!

    Hospitals are just the worst. I don't know how hospitals in Norway are, but US hospitals are creeptastic.

  5. I've never understood hospitals aren't full of color and light and warmth. I would think that would make sick people feel so much better, give more hope and comfort.....

    I do hope everything goes well and you feel better! ♥

  6. I feel very good in hospitals and it has always scared me in some way. According to our education system I'm too stupid to be a doctor. But I'd really love to.

  7. Just a little update to everyone: my surgery went soo smooth. I feel a little groggy even three days after, but the experience was nearly as bad as I thought. Thank you so much for all your nice comments!

    1. :D Thank you, dear Olga! So nice of you to check in again here!


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