August Weekend

24 August, 2015

As I am writing this I realize that summer will probably soon be over, although it feels like it has just started. 

During first week in August I had an absolutely amazing weekend with friends at Anette's cabin (the lovely lady in blue, to the left in the last picture). Life here is just the best and I am so happy to have experienced this weekend with her, Hedda and Alex. 

Weekend highlights

1. Roaming around in a tiny boat (that felt like it was barely floating since we had packed the four of us on it) on the lookout for an island to have lunch on. 
2. Playing good old Super Mario until 2 AM. (Although I really do suck at it...)
3. Staying outside in the total dark, pondering about life "out in space" and trying to spot shooting stars

It must have been one of the best weekends this year. 


  1. sound like you had a lovely time with friends.
    i feel like it's not just summer is almost end, but sooner than later we'll honking horns for a new year.
    time passes so fast

  2. Sounds lovely! ❤ I've always dreamed of having a cabin myself... Maybe one day :)



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