Summer went by

29 August, 2014

It has been the most challenging summer in my life. I have been trying to find my place at my new job and trying to move into a new apartment. I know people go through these things all the time, yet somehow for me it has been one of the toughest things to do. I have barely been able to think about anything else than work these last couple of weeks. 

A month ago, I started to get used to the "norm" of coming home after work and being so that mentally overloaded that there was hardly ever energy for anything other than eating and sleeping. That last one I could never get enough of, no matter how much I had. Writing something, anything at all, has been completely out of the question. Photography became this thing that I occasionally did because when realizing that there were things that were too beautiful to not take a picture of. 

Before this experience I used to tell myself: "Make time for yourself, make time for what you love to do and what you need.". Like these were three things I could simply check of my to-do list. For a while these things turned out to be impossible. There were too many practicalities to take care of, too many promises made and too many deadlines to meet.

Yet somehow I feel things are coming together. I know it, because each time I have these times in my life, I recognize this feeling. It is like I'm lifted out of a haze. And in the process I am getting a little closer to being realistic about my own capabilites, limits and priorities. 

And I am also finding a talent for making the best out of days that feel a little hopeless. 

1. Photo from Aker Brygge.
2. From a weekend in the Valley.
3. The window of my our apartment with Mama's dried flowers. I hope to find the time to share more soon. 

Thanks for not giving up on this blog! 
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