Scenes from Gol

30 July, 2014

Last weekend me and Sigurd escaped the city for a couple of days, back to the Valley. My Mom was away, but we stayed at Sigurd's parents. Our excuse to go back? Plenty of space in the kitchen to make delicious homemade crisp bread. (Our not-so-secret recipe will come up on the blog soon). We also made pesto and arrabiata from scratch.

I have not talked much about the place I call "the Valley", and some of you have been wondering where exactly in Norway it is. The valley, or "my" valley as I like to say, is called Hallingdal. It's a place not far from Oslo. It's also a place where there isn't much more new to explore other than the beautiful nature and all that comes with it. Which, of course, is a lot.

The highlight of this weekend was probably when we went up the steepest hike I've ever done, and Sigurd decides to jump into a stream for cooling down. It's just one of those funny moments I'll remember forever.

Italian evenings (with S)

19 July, 2014

S is such a good cook. It's a little bit embarrassing to say that I am the one that goes for the easy way out when deciding what to make for dinner. I am usally the one getting frozen burger patties, Sigurd is the one making a tomato sauce from scratch (and it's the real Italian stuff too!).  Lately not a single day has gone by without some wonderful aromas filling the apartment - usually tomatoes cooking with garlic, chilies and wine. Last night we had bruschetta, today it's pasta. 

And also: today we went for our very first rental viewing together. I am absolutely crazy about the apartment that we looked at, and I don't know what to do with myself if we don't get it. Unfortunately, that would be the rule rather than the exception in Oslo. There is so high competition for the best rentals, and I don't want to get my hopes up too much.

One thing is for sure. For the next apartment we are renting, we will make sure that it has lots of space in the kitchen and a little corner designated for Italian herbs. I can't wait until end of August! 

Vacation snapshots

13 July, 2014

I'm just checking in today to give you some of my left-over snapshots from Denmark. 

1. Our beautiful bedroom-window. 
2. Exterior of Brøndum Hotel.
3. A collection of things found on the beach. (I simply love the textures of the shattered shells.)
4. Karin. We went horseback riding on our last day and I loved it!
5. 6. Views from the neighborhood and the beach.
7. Evenings in the house. 
10. Me and S at the beach. Pretty happy.

Summer in Oslo is so lovely and warm this year and I really can't recall having a summer like this before. Today it is raining. Sigurd made some heavenly brushetta and we are having the laziest of Sundays in a long, long time. 

Tell me guys: how are you spending this summer?

The Skagen Light

04 July, 2014

It feels funny to put together a post only on the topic of light, but then again this is Skagen and painters from different parts of the continent have come long ways to paint in here for a reason.

The thought that this is the last day we have in this gorgeous town is making me a little nostalgic already.  When realizing that last night I ran into the sea despite the dreadfully cold water.

I have really loved this week of biking, exploring, cooking, eating and photographing. Also I am more than ever completely smitten to live a life close to the sea.

Evening with Karin

02 July, 2014

My gorgeous friend and "sister-in-law", Karin agreed to model for me in evening light at the beach in Skagen. Looking at these pictures I realize that there are some people that are just have it - that effortless beauty.

It's a joy to photograph Karin. Especially when being so new to portrait photography. And I always love it when I ask people to model for me and the say "Yes!" without any doubt.
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