Summer Thanksgivings

29 May, 2014

Today I am very inspired by Lu's Weekly Thanksgivings. I really haven't been as good to list my blessing on a regular basis, but there is something very smittening about Lu's grace and positivity that makes me want to do it more often. Heck, maybe even make it into a weekly thing!
I am so thankful to friends and family that have let me stay at their places these last three weeks. Despite the chaos, I am lucky enough for folks that have made me feel at home in their own homes. (Picture 1 is from Karin and Anders' gorgeous place.)
I am thankful for my good health. I have become so conscious about it the last couple of years. I spend more money buying quality fruit and vegetables and making myself eat more of the healthy on a regular basis. And the summer is a perfect, no-excuse season for healthy eating.
I thankful to the kind owners of the apartment that I just moved into, letting me move in a week earlier than what we agreed. (Pictures 3-6 are from the new neighborhood. Isn't it gorgeous?)
I am thankful to Katja and Nils Olve inviting me to their farm in Hamar for the long weekend, and giving me a taste of summer life on a farm. I've already spent a day here and I can tell you guys it's incredible. (Pictures will come soon!)
Lastly, I am thankful for the gorgeous, gorgeous weather. No jokes. As insignificant as weather might seem compared to the other factors, it's truly something that makes me happy these days. Guys! It is summer!


24 May, 2014

All of the sudden, the month of May is nearly over. I was a little optimistic hoping that I'd find the perfect apartment in less than two weeks. Not having the time to get picky I settled for a cute little flat in Frogner - nothing suitable for the long run, but with the coziest backyard it's more than good enough for the summer. Work is getting better as well. 

In other words, things are slowly settling. Sometimes I feel anxious about it, asking myself what I have deserved to be this happy. Other times I feel like I am wearing an (in)visible halo.

Of course, my weekends spent back in the Valley, sunny weather and porch sitting make me only happier. I wish you all a lovely Saturday!


13 May, 2014

Friends. I admit that I'm not the best at being new at something. Do you know the feeling of complete chaos after that first week at a new job? That's where I'm at. My job as an interaction designer has every challenge I could wish for as a designer starting out. It's going to be a lot of fun, but for now I'm mostly exhausted and anxious. It is always this way, I try to remind myself.

The pictures seem kind of random, but they are the good things among the chaos. My sweet friend Hedda, whom I look so much forward to spend more time with this summer. And spending what little time I have going for walks. They keep me sane.

Now, the next big task ahead is finding an apartment to rent for me and Sigurd by the time he moves back this summer. I can't wait until things start to settle.

Weekend Scenes from the Valley

04 May, 2014

There are so many things to anticipate.

Last night I met up with these three girls. On my way back home in the middle the night, from my car the mountains felt almost hostile. Yet the starry sky above reminded me that they are just scenery, and that I can comfortably pass them by.

I'm going into the city tonight. Tomorrow is the first day at a new job.
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