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28 March, 2014

As I am leaving New York in less than two weeks I am starting to think about the beginning of my experience. About all the impressions I took in the first couple of months, learning new ways of expressing oneself in English in an everyday context. Most of it was so subconscious, and so incremental that I first realize this now, that I am not entirely the same girl that came here last February.

Recently I found this really interesting article about drugs that make minds more adaptable and more prone to learn things. This quote from that article I found really interesting:

She [the scientist interviewed in this paper] cautions that even as drugs like valproate open up the brain to new skills and experiences, they could also make it more sensitive to environmental stressors.

I have been curios about my personality for such a long time. I actually took this personality test not long ago and according to the test my character is closest to an INFP. INFP's learn new things easily, especially languages, which in my case is true. I know five. INFP's are also very self-conscious and sensitive to critique, but they are also very creative. It's interesting how it all seems to be dependent on are one trait: sensitivity. How being sensitive both makes you stressed but also prone to learning new things. It has always been a double edged sword to me.

I wonder about you guys. Have you taken the Briggs-Mayers personality test before? Which personality did you end up getting? 

//The photos are from the apartment that I lived at this summer in Carroll Gardens. My friend lives there now and I have had the chance to work from there the last couple of weeks. The last one is an attempt to expose my self to the anxiety of sharing things I've made. I might take it down if the feeling prevails.//


18 March, 2014

I remember the day this blog got it's first follower: Ingvild. I was over the moon excited about it, especially because I followed her blog long before mine started to exist. The fact someone was actually reading my blog made me realize, and I know it sounds absurd, this blog-thing is something that actually other people read.

I've received several Liebster awards, and I never took the time to pass them along, so when my oldest follower nominated me I felt like this is my chance.

So here are Ingvild's questions and my answers.

1.Why did you start blogging and did it turn out the way you wanted?

My blog was initially a creative space for my paintings and photography and it's funny how it slowly turned out into an outlet for my travels, experiences and thoughts as well. Now that I'm a graphic designer I want to be able to put more of my designs and painting here, but I am working on myself to be less self-conscious and perfectionist about it. There are so many things that I'd still like to share with you guys! Also I want to let go of my shyness and take more photos of people. Hopefully very soon.

2. What do you when you feel like you are losing control and feel like eating a huge box of ice-cream?

Most likely I get outside and take my camera with me. Walking is the best medicine for any bad emotion. I ask myself: "What can I do to turn this around?". I listen to pep talks from friends, I talk to my Mom and she always knows what to say to cheer me up. And sometimes I eat a big snickers bar and cry a little and feel better about myself the next day. Haha! But it's totally okay!

3. What is your secret dream?

"Do tell your dreams to the world, whisper them to love".
I can only tell you that I am working on making my secret dream true every day.

4. Do you tell people in real life that you are a blogger?

I don't know why I did such a big deal of staying anonymous for a very long time. I even used an alias, another name for my online identity, but I met bloggers that I really connected with and it made me feel dishonest about it, so I decided that to use my real name would be the right thing. Now I tell my friends about it too, although I'm sure they have no idea how big of a thing it is for me.

5. How long do you follow my blog and what do you like about it?

I found Ingvild's blog back in 2010 and I loved her genuine voice, her small stories, every friday she would share a song she liked.

6. How did you come up with the name of the blog?

I wanted to find something that represents the things you find here. Something extraordinary in the ordinary, something beautiful in the mundane. Some earthly luster. The name fitted perfectly.

7. What is your favorite movie, favorite book and favorite song?

"The Diving Bell and The Butterfly" is by far the movie that made the most impression on me, although I also love "Elizabethtown". Both films, as I read them, are about being appreciative of life no matter the circumstances. My favorite book so far is "the Lacuna" by Barbara Kingsolver. And song, "Words" by Brian Adams.

8. How would your friends describe you? Would it be different than how your blog readers describe you?

My real friends would describe me as a kind, the typical "good-girl", the type that definitely takes herself way too seriously. My bloggers? I wonder. How do you see me?

9. Recommend me a city and tell me what I should do there!

Lisbon! Please, please visit Lisbon. Go to Alfama, the old city and listen to some Fado. Go to Belem and eat their famous pastry. Soak up the architecture, culture and sun. I guarantee you will love it! I have pictures from Lisbon here.

10. Tell me something about you I don't know!

In Norwegian the two words "beans" and "farmers" are pronounced almost the same way only with a slight nuance that I can't pronounce. My boyfriend always makes fun of me when I say beans and mean farmers.

Puh. I think this was the longest post in this blog's history.

I am passing the award on to some people with blogs that I really do adore: Barbara, Sarah, Natalie, Megan and Mary. I wanted to add so many more, as I have a sidebar full of amazing ones!


14 March, 2014

I have found myself so at home here in Greenpoint. I have even a favorite Polish patisserie now, Charlotte's Patisserie, that I go to every now and then for cappuccino and croissants. My friend Eden lives close by and we spend our weekends at her place painting, chatting, cooking and baking. She has the coziest kitchen there is (photos 1-3, photo 4 is from Charlotte's.) And also the prettiest backdrop for photographing fresh vegetables. 

Spring is here and I decided to finally start a detox diet. I've felt the need to "reset" my body and this detox diet that Maja introduced me to last year has been on mind my for a while. Yesterday was the first day of the diet and although I've felt the fatigue that everyone is talking about, I am starting to feel some of the benefits as well - in general the feeling of lightness. I really hope these next three weeks will equip me with a repertoire of  healthy recipes that I can make on the go for later.

My only issue is (and has always been) making a really tasteful vegetable broth for healthy soups. So my question for you guys is: Do you have any favorite vegetable broth that you would recommend?

//When starting to research healthy recipes, I came across this Valentines Rawlos recipe on My New Roots and a whole bunch of other good ones. If you don't already know this blog, I highly recommend a visit. //

Notes to Self

04 March, 2014

There are tons of things that have to be done and I am spending all my days doing them. Some of the tasks imply reaching out to people and being honest about my skills and capabilities and a lot of convincing. I needed this practice a lot. It's very tough for me, but also very healthy.

This blog has been neglected a little and I can't do much than apologize for that. In the meantime, when I work on private projects I look through some amazing photographers' work and I'm amazed by their ability to constantly find such stunning motives. I also want to go back to analog photography badly - inspired by Olga, Anna and Agnes. (Maybe just go analog in general.)

I realized today that I only have 5 weeks left in New York before I go back. How can it be that we're already into March people? I have the feeling sometimes that before I realize it another year will be over and it's Christmas again. I need to remind myself to be present. And I need to go out for a walk with my camera soon.

Let me know how things are on your sides!
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