The Skagen Light

04 July, 2014

It feels funny to put together a post only on the topic of light, but then again this is Skagen and painters from different parts of the continent have come long ways to paint in here for a reason.

The thought that this is the last day we have in this gorgeous town is making me a little nostalgic already.  When realizing that last night I ran into the sea despite the dreadfully cold water.

I have really loved this week of biking, exploring, cooking, eating and photographing. Also I am more than ever completely smitten to live a life close to the sea.


  1. As we all should. Cottage by the sea, yes please! And indeed, beautiful light!

  2. I love the beautiful gentle blue tones in these photographs! So relaxing :)

    1. It is crazy how purpleish/blueish these photos came out. I have to say - they are actually not that far from the skies in reality. Thanks for stopping by Meg!

  3. these are stunning! I love the sea....when the water and the clouds and the land all roll into each other, into those amazing beautiful streaks of colored light. You captured it perfectly.

  4. These photos make the area seem so peaceful and inviting--it makes sense why you're already nostalgic and in love with living near the sea! The sea and the life it brings are beautiful and inspiring. Glad you enjoyed your time out there!

  5. I love the color of the skies. It's beautiful!


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