Oslo scenes and good things

14 June, 2014

I have been eager to get this post up for quite a while. These pictures were taken last weekend - the weather was stunning and because of Whit Monday we had even one extra day to enjoy it. 

Scenes from Oslo:

Pictures 1-4. It took me quite some years of exposure to sea water for it to be (nearly) demystified for me. The idea of life at sea has grown on me slowly, and at times I am completely smitten by it. The things I enjoy most about the place where we live these days is being able to walk from our home to sea sides and beaches in no time. 

Picture 5. The sunset seen from what must be probably the strangest park in Europe - the one full of statues of naked people doing all these funny poses. Welcome to Oslo! 

Picture 6. My beau. The sunset. 

Good things lately (inspired by Astrid) :

This talk with designer Jessica Walsh (I just love how such successful people can stay so humble)

The funnies goat of the week. 

Finally getting into doing meditation (and yoga) again.

Working on a project I absolutely love. For this lovely lady


  1. That beach is stunning! I never dreamed Norway was like this, beautiful!
    (I'm fidgeting on the edge of my seat to see your results!)

  2. ah, i notice there's lovely lovely weather around the world lately. that beach seems to call my name!

  3. Mmm, I feel warmth of this photos, that's so nice :)

  4. So beautiful Anna! Enjoy the warm weather :)

    P.S. Loved that article about Instagram craziness.

  5. i was in Oslo for a couple of days in march this year and i was absolutely fascinated with the city and Vigeland park :) no way this could happen in Poland :D

  6. loved the way you capture light in these photos. ♥♥♥

  7. Aaaa, what beautiful photos! I am so pleased I found your blog - I followed it on bloglovin' straight away! I went to Oslo recently and tried to photograph the places I went. It'd be great if you could check it out and tell me where I should go next time!?

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog


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