Loving Lately

26 June, 2014

1.-3. My moms garden in the summer.
4. It's wedding season! I'll be photographing one of my closest's friends Wedding this year. This time hopefully I'll remember to take the picture before I eat the soup.
5. These "Cats who forgot how to cat" made me laugh to my tears.
6. The fact that it's Thursday, and in two days I am going to this beautiful place in Denmark for a week together with Sigurd's family.

What are you loving lately?


  1. Lovely photos, have a wonderful time in Denmark!

  2. i dig your mom's garden too!
    lately i'm loving the weather.

  3. The cats who forgot how to cat gave me a bit of a giggle. Have you seen the one of dogs that grew up with cats and they sit with their paws tucked in and such? it's adorable!

    I absolutely love the floral photos, I could probably look at floral photos all day! xx

  4. oh my god thank you for making me discover the cats who forgot how to cat!!!


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