The First Day of the Year

04 January, 2014

Sigurd and I spent New Year's Eve at Katja and Nils Olve's place in a little town three hours east of the Valley. They live on a farm and have pigs, a dog and a cat named Boris. The first day of the year we spent going for walks in the cold, gray weather and admiring the views.

This part of the Norwegian farmlands reminds me of some english costume drama set it the early 1900's. On a gray day the picturesque open fields and rolling hills make this tranquil place a little mystic and romantic even. I can't wait to visit this place more in the future. (And as you probably know from this post, I am very charmed by country life.)

I missed spending time with Katja and I can't believe it was more than a year since I last saw her last time. As for my New Years resolutions, I am still figuring them out as I go. I have already figured out two: to take better care of my body and stop being angry at myself for not doing things perfect, and letting go of things when I see that I can't perfect them more. In other words stop being a perfectionist. I want to make an effort to control the things I can, and let go of control over the things I can't.

What are your resolutions for 2014?


  1. Happy New Year! These pictures are beautiful.

    ~Country Girl's Daybook
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  2. One of my resolutions is to do my best to stay optimistic no matter what. Lovely captures, Anna. Happy 2014! ♡ :-)

  3. my new year resolution is to remain undefeated by oppressing thoughts. Lovely photography Anna :)

  4. I am also very charmed by country life. I think it must be amazing to live in a farm, to have pigs and make my own bread and cheese... I really like these pictures, the Norwegian farmlands seem to be a beautiful place.

    My new year resolution is to be a little more organized and to keep my work desk less caotic. But it's day 5 and my desk is already a mess...

  5. This sounds lovely and romantic. What a sweet way to ring in the new year!


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