14 November, 2013

I didn't expect it would be so quiet around here for so long. All of a sudden winter came upon us and it seems like everyone has started their holiday preparations. I haven't had the time to wrap my mind around it at all. I just know that I want to try making macrons for Christmas this year and I've heard that no matter what recipe you try it is pretty hard to get them right the first time. However, yesterdays macaron baking was mildly put a disaster! I wanted to show you the result today, because I had a tiny hope that if I did everything according to the recipe I would get them perfect. I was literally laughing at my own naivety when I squeezed some batter out of the piping bag that looked a little like hardened white clay. So I am trying again with a couple of friends today.

Recently we have had powdery snow, clear cold days and now it's back to rain again. How is winter coming along where you are?


05 November, 2013

Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. - Buddha

I've been thinking about this quote a lot lately. Mostly because, yes, I too tend to channel my anger toward some other person in my life than doing something with my own attitude. There will always be feelings of anger, sadness, stress and humiliation in everyone's life and I think 2013 was the year where each one of those feelings reached a threshold for me. It has not been an easy year. I felt like I needed to share this today because I came across such a wonderful personal blogger and I appreciated how she so sincerely shared some thoughts about her ups and downs in life.

// 1. An apple farm taken with my iPhone on the way back from a research interview I held in Oslo last week. 2. Going for a run in the Valley - also taken with my iPhone! //

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