Sunday Rituals

29 September, 2013

This Sunday I am in Tønsberg celebrating Sigurd's aunt and uncle's anniversary. I've probably eaten to much food that I can barely move. It always gets a little bit like that with family celebrations. I'm just checking in to wish you all a happy Sunday.

My friend Natalie has started this wonderful Sunday Ritual series over at her blog - and I am guest posting about my rituals over there today. Take a look here.

A Day in the Mountains

26 September, 2013

Yesterday I joined Mari up in the mountains for an afternoon at the recreational park, Langedrag - which is only half an hour by car away from town. It's a place that really fits into the description of being an Norwegian wildlife park. Here you can find deer, baby foxes, reindeers, lynx and everything in between. 

What I love about Langedrag is that it's a place where you really can get a taste of the Norwegian mountain life - the wildlife park offers overnight stays, horseback riding and dining the Norwegian way. More about it here


21 September, 2013

I'm at home! The air back here is crisper and clearer and it makes me want to cuddle up with a blanket and coca on the couch and read a good book or sit and think about nothing for a while. I have missed that a lot.

A day in Salem, Massachusetts

17 September, 2013

Yesterday me and Sigurd spend the whole day in Salem, a small historical town one hour by boat outside of Boston. Salem is a world famous sea-port, a historical town also known for the Salem witch trials. As a consequence - everything in this town is centered around selling all things witchcraft related.

What we found beautiful about Salem were the old townhouses, the friendly people and especially - the light by the sea on a September evening. It was so relaxing to be there - we first then realized how much we had gotten used to the hustle and bustle of NY.

I apologize for the lack of interesting pictures. I for sure have a photographers block. Even on this trip where the surroundings were so beautiful - there were so few settings that inspired me to take a picture. I am bored of repeating my composition and I get picky if the light isn't interesting enough. Hence, no pictures of witchcraft shops and the like.

After coming home from our trip, I decided to reduce the level of everyday noise - information that I could be without, so I am signing off Facebook for a while and unsubscribing to all useless newsletters. Can you believe that we almost don't know how that feels like to be bored anymore? I think that emptiness actually is good for something. I don't know if it makes sense, but I have a hope that it can "restore" something in me.


14 September, 2013

Scenes from the neighborhood. 

We've been making ourselves comfortable here in Greenpoint since I came back. Sigurd has started to settle for real. The apartment has all new furniture, we have been walking around and exploring cozy cafes to work at and even experienced the first real lightening storm yesterday. We were running through the pouring rain under one umbrella, Sigurd and I. It was funny and romantic and terrifying at the same time. It felt like fall. 

Tomorrow we are going for a weekend trip to Boston!

Memories from North Carolina (in Motion)

09 September, 2013

Some memories are best captured in motion. Flickering light through the woods when driving, Sasha running in circles around me, or being up in a tiny air plane flying. I only took a few of small clips, here and there, whenever I remembered, so this film is a very short one. And I apologize for the shaky hand, I am very much a beginner at this art still. But I am enjoying it, and even loving it like never before.

View from a Rooftop

08 September, 2013

Sigurd just moved into his new place in Greenpoint, just across the loft I lived at when I came here in February. I already liked to be in a Polish neighborhood where I could get the same breads, baked goods and sweets that I loved so much when going back to Poland as a child. Although Greenpoint is changing a lot under the influence of the more wealthier areas next to it, I hope the charm of it will remain. 

Also, the building where Sigurd now lives has a rooftop with amazing views of Brooklyn and the Manhattan skyline. It is actually very comforting to watch those, otherwise intimidating buildings from afar. 

I love it so much here. I don't know yet what I will do after getting back to Norway in 11 days (yikes, already?), but I still hope that this feeling of home-ness remains when I get back here again.

A day at the Biltmore Estate

06 September, 2013

Visiting the Biltmore Estate in Ashville was just like walking right into the 1890's. It gave a genuine taste of American grandiosity in those times. I cannot even imagine how many people that worked here in order to make this estate completely self-sustainable back in the days. 

The estate has absolutely everything. Vineyards, fields of corn and sunflowers, the biggest rose garden I've ever seen and a huge arboretum with every exotic plant you can imagine. 

And all of this you can find right outside of little Asheville, North Carolina. 

Sarah's world

04 September, 2013

My week in North Carolina involved a lot of driving, a lot of eating and a lot of laughing. I got to know both Sarah's and Evan's family and it was wonderful to get glimpses of their lives here on the country side. Now that I am sitting here in Sigurd's new place in New York, viewing the Manhattan skyline it is almost surreal that only a day ago I was part of their lives. 

1. Puppy-hugs. Me, Sarah and Sasha. Photo by Evan.
2. Sarah's house
3. Sasha in car.
4. & 5. Scenes from Sarah's home. 
6. Sarah working her piano magic. (I so wish I could play that instrument.)
7. & 8. Driving at dusk. 
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