Back to life

29 July, 2013

Straight after I finished my course in graphic design at Shillington the 19th I expected myself to fall into a lazy state of mind where all I would do would be to sit on my couch for weeks and eat and watch series. But far from it. I jumped straight to working on another project that I could add to my portfolio and realized soon that I have to abandon my perfectionist tendencies if I ever want to get somewhere with graphic design and feel good about it.

With each project you work on you have to set a limit where you say: "this is just as good as it can get for now". Being confident about what you know and accepting that you still have so much more to learn is difficult to balance, but it is the only way to do it.  

Being on my own schedule again is a relief, though. Getting ice cream in the middle of the day for a break, cooking tomato sauce from scratch with Sigurd (picture 4-5) and taking all the time in the world for lazy afternoon walks in Prospect Park (picture 1-2). What a perfect timing with Sigurd's parents coming to the city this weekend! 

Oh, and here is my portfolio by the way. 

Light at Milk & Roses

14 July, 2013

I apologize (again) for being silent so long. I had to take a mental brake from taking pictures and posting, although it is one of the things I love the most. In a week my portfolio and graphic design course will be done, and I can't wait to show you guys the results and to have more time on my hands to discover new cafes. In the meantime I present to you Milk and Roses cafe. It's one of those places you would go even if the food is just okay, because of its wonderful interior.


07 July, 2013

Once in a while, if you are willing to walk another extra mile in New York's evening heat to check out a recommendation, you might end up at an exquisite little place. 

Rucola is definitely one of those little places where the traditional Italian courses are perfectly combined with a cozy atmosphere. Friends gather here at the round, wooden tables for discussion and laughter and it was not a surprise to us that the restaurant was packed even on 4th of July. We got a table outside, ordered a nice rosé, tagliatelle, panna cotta and chocolate pudding that all melted in our mouths.

I don't know what makes me love this little place more. Is it the delicious food or the exterior that evokes memories of our summer in wonderful Nice? Whatever it is, it is making this place so easy to love.

Out of the city

03 July, 2013

The weekend out of the city was all I had hoped for. Fishkill was the perfect getaway for me, Sigurd, Sarah and Evan. Just spending my Saturday morning on the train was something nice and out of the ordinary, not to mention the steep climb up Mount Beacon, Sunday's breakfast at a very authentic diner and the visit to the DIA museum.

I only wish that my mind wouldn't have been in such a haze so I had better pictures at the end of the trip. Apart from that, the trip was just the thing I needed to get a break from school and the busy everyday close to Grand Central. And it gave me just the energy I needed for the upcoming portfolio weeks that start next Monday.

Anyone planning a getaway from the city soon? 

(Picture of me taken by lovely Sarah.)
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