Thank you!

18 June, 2013

I apologize, dear blogger friends. My presence here in the blogging world remains only sporadic for the time being. (Mama - I'm sorry for not having called two weekends in a row.)  Nevertheless, once in a while, I get a pleasant surprise in my inbox from one of my lovely readers. (That really made my day, Cassie!) I keep forgetting to say how thankful I am for all of you stopping by my site every now and then. You guys are the reason why I nurture my passion for photography! Here is some eye-candy for your Monday night.

Pictures from today's afternoon walk in "the gardens."

Flea Market Sunday

11 June, 2013

And then, yet another week and weekend flew by. 

Yesterday was just your typical Brooklyn Sunday. I slept in, had brunch at 1 pm and then headed for the Williamsburg Flea market to meet up with sweet Helene and her friends. Of course I promised myself to not spend any money on things I don't need and of course I went home with some dollars less in my wallet but with a bunch of old photos nobody seemed to want anymore. I do not like to hoard old things at all. I'd rather prefer admiring them from a far at the flea market. But when it comes to old photos and cameras... Well that's a story for another day! 

How were your weekends? Was your Monday just as rainy as mine? 

The Weekend

02 June, 2013

Want a recipe for a successful weekend? A set of good friends to keep you good company, food of the kind you only eat once in a while to indulge yourself with and time. Having lots of time to enjoy it all. I am truly blessed. 

Brooklyn Beauties

01 June, 2013

I find it wonderfully surreal that there is this spot in New York where roses bloom as early as in May. What can I say? I'm head over heels!
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