Last Days of May

28 May, 2013

Memorial day weekend was perfect for lazying out. I tried to eat healthy, spent time with Sarah and Evan in Central Park and enjoyed walks and runs. I can't believe how close we are to June, and that I am almost half way into the course!

The photos are a little random, I know. But bits form here, and pieces from there is all I can seem to find time for with my camera nowadays.

How were your weekends? 

May in Carroll Gardens

24 May, 2013

A couple of days ago, almost over night, New York bursted into bloom. I have never experienced such a lush and green May before. To most people, the exhaustible summer season has officially begun, while I, myself cannot imagine my fascination to blooming roses (in MAY!) to end. I really have nothing in the world to complain about.

Sometimes I like to think that it can't be entirely a coincidence that I ended up moving into a friend's of a friend's place, and that place is here in Carroll gardens. After all, gardens are that thing in life I cannot get enough of.

New York, Romanticized.

21 May, 2013

2. My friend Sarah with her little cloud of a dog - Sasha. 1.3-5. Scenes from wonderful Carroll Gardens.

And I'm back again! I cannot believe it took me weeks to find enough time to assemble pictures for a small post, but time passes by incredibly fast in this city. It's already been a month and I've been waking up each morning looking forward to starting the day doing something that I really love: combining vectors, type and image to make things that once in a while I feel stand out quite nicely. The learning learning curve is steep as when learning a new language. But the most important thing is that, although I have days where things are incredibly hard, for each day I seem to do idea generation and execution in a more and more systematic way. Which means that a creative profession does not have to imply living with constant chaos in your mind. That is a big relief. 


04 May, 2013

This week was hectic. I moved into a new room in a an absolutely delightful neighborhood, spent time with new friends exploring the city and keeping myself busy with all of this and school helped me to overcome last weeks trauma.  

  1-3. Spending time exploring Downtown and Williamsburg.  4. My friend Sarah's little cute maltipoo, Sasha.
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