Pretty Weekend Randomness

28 April, 2013

Week one of the course is already done. I have learned a ton more about graphic design than I could imagine after just one week, and it feels really good to make progress in something I really love to do. It is true, what they say about getting more energy from doing things you like.

I had an incident this week that made me understand that New York is not a city for beginners. I made some naive mistakes in trusting people that I should not have trusted, and ended up trying to resolve the case by myself, which did not turn the situation to my favor. I will not get into the details, but I can tell you that a substantial sum of money was lost because of my stupidity. I learned a very valuable lesson about myself and that people not always are as upright and okay as they seem.

I also learned how much it means to have just a couple of good friends around, and in the end - the first week turned out good because of that.

And I'm back!

24 April, 2013

I have really been waiting long with telling you guys that I signed up for Shillington School of Graphic Design some months ago. I wanted to tell you when everything was certain. It's a three month intensive program, but only after two days I already feel like I can design a little. 

So here I am again! It has been a rough couple of days since I came back to New York on Saturday. The days have been so busy with the course, and looking for an okay and affordable room (which, so far, has not been a success). Sunday was wonderful. The blooming makes it almost surreal to think of how much the spirit of the city has changed in a month. Spring must be my favorite month for New York. Let's see if I change my mind when summer comes along!

Running Errands

18 April, 2013

It's not a special day at all. I just happen to be in a good mood when running errands for my mom. 

On the way back I took the time to do a stop and take pictures of a bunch of curious, beautifully wild-looking horses. Like all young girls I had a phase in my life with serious obsession about these creatures, although they never stopped to fascinate me.

Memories from Portugal

17 April, 2013

Have you ever looked back at photos you took a long while ago and wondered why they didn't strike you as nice back then? I realized lately that I have this tendency to be overly critical to the pictures I take. But after months I can "rediscover" my old shots and actually find them appealing again. 

I talked with a friend in Lisbon the other day. I realized how badly I missed that wonderful city and remembered how good I felt when being there. 

Earthly April

15 April, 2013

I wish I could describe to you the vision of the cool light through my window. It is here that I spend most of my time nowadays. Last week it started snowing again. I remember I used to mind the snow coming back in April when all I could wish for was warmer days. I was a young girl spending my hours in the same room. Last night the rain took over, and when I woke up pearly raindrops had adorned the trees, and the fog was back again.

And when the sun shone through the heavy clouds, that is when it really started to feel like spring again .

The Garden

05 April, 2013

I had this phase when I got my first digital camera when I would walk around and take pictures of whatever was on the ground, as long as it looked pretty when I did a close up of it. I forgot how much joy that was, right up until when I recently went out to Mama's garden. It is about to wake up from a cold, long winter. 
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