Spring at Home

31 March, 2013

Happy Easter!

From Summer in Oslo

28 March, 2013

I'm a little bit out of inspiration these days. My thesis is not going too well, which is something that I would have completely gotten hysterical about if it was only a couple of years ago. In stead I calmly accept my defeat, and acknowledge the fact that I will have to push the deadline until over the summer. And it's okay.

I looked through a bunch of old photos today and it made me sentimental. This is from a couple of films I took last summer, when my Spotmatic was still pretty fresh to me but just about to falter. I still have hopes that the camera will recover after I'll send it to a second specialist in Nashville.

By the way: when we are talking about Pentax cameras, I rediscovered this wonderful site. Oh, how I love good pictures coupled with beautiful storytelling!

Scenes from Home

26 March, 2013

Things seem to get a particularly pretty glow in the afternoon sun. We are somewhere in between winter and spring. Although it feels a little bit closer to winter than it does to spring, I know that sometimes it just takes a couple of warm days to turn that feeling around.  

It was good to see a couple of my old friends today. I admit that I had missed them a lot more than I thought. 

At Home

22 March, 2013

It's not until today that I actually realized how much the city of New York has drained me. On one hand it is a city with so much visual inspiration, on the other hand the magnitude of it overwhelms you completely. I admire people that can keep on working creatively in a context like that for years.

I'm privileged enough to be able to go back home and enjoy the quietness, the air, the mountain scenery, complete silence during nights. A bit of both worlds is just what gives me the right balance and makes me happy. And besides that I love everything else about being back home. Especially my bed and my books.


13 March, 2013

I have to admit something. This big city is for me, not the most inspiring place to take pictures. Usually everything seems so unaffected and unemotional to me. But that being said, not a day goes by without me searching for its charm. Right now I see vintage bicycles and rustic walls, and I like how they are so different here than from Europe. I see fresh vegetables for a quarter of the prices that I'm used to.

Oh, and I forgot to mention one more important thing: the cafes. Both with their cozy interiors and their magnificent, elaborate dishes. They can only be found in this abundance here in New York. I would start feeling sad about going back to Norway in a couple of days. But if everything works out right I'll be back in New York in April! I'll give you the details when everything is certain.

Recently I also rediscovered this gem of a blog that makes me want to visit Paris in an instant.

It's Spring.

04 March, 2013

The first part of this Sunday I spent admiring the beautiful streets in Greenpoint where I currently live.  I came to the conclusion that this part of Brooklyn is still very much in growth and I can not wait to see it when I come back for a visit some years from now. I took my repaired Spotmatic out for a spin today, and it will be exciting to see if the rest of my photos will turn out okay when I get them developed.

The rest of the day I spent with Maja and co. walking over the Brooklyn Bridge, having American pancakes with mimosas for lunch and in general just soaking up the sun.

Yesterday, my friend Agnes showed me where to get my film rolls developed, so stay tuned for more analog shots from this weekend! How was your weekend?
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