For a Friend

27 February, 2013

"When you feel like you are falling, remember to think of yourself as a cat, always landing on all four." A wonderful quote by my dear friend Katja that I always recall when I need it the most. Photo from last summer in Oslo

Rainy Saturday in Williamsburg

24 February, 2013

Today, I finally got the pleasure to meet the talented author of this amazing blog, one that I have been, not even secretly, admiring for years now. (Just take a look at these photos) We had some delicious lunch and our first discussion about photography.  I have so long sought after knowing someone with the same passion for taking pictures with film cameras. Talking to Agnes and letting my inner photography nerd loose with good conscience, was extremely liberating.   

One of the loveliest thing about New York is just that. The possibility to constantly meet inspiring, amazingly talented people. Photos from Rabbithole.

New York - impressions

22 February, 2013

Exiting the subway at Wall Street - the smell of delicious churros.
Exiting the subway at Grand Central - the smell of buttery, salty pretzels.
Exiting the subway at Greenpoint - the smell of sausages and bread.

I've stopped counting calories, but my guess would be that I'm breaking my own record every day. I know the photo is completely unrelated :P

New York - the life

18 February, 2013

It has already been an unbelievable 23 days since I arrived. Just like that. And yet my days are filled with so many new experiences. It's hard sometimes to stop and notice them when I have so many plans, ideas and projects whirling around in my head constantly. 

By this time I've already had one visitor, several dinners at the loft, been to the MOMA and the rest of the time I have spent working on my thesis and recovering from the exhaustion of processing it all. Aims for next week: a little less relaxation and a little more work! 

Incremental Changes

15 February, 2013

I want to become a better photographer. If it only could stop there.

I want to learn French, and speak it fluently- so I signed up for Duolingo.

I want to learn to code - so I signed up for Codecademy.

I want to learn some graphic design - so I'm gonna sign up for Lynda... soon.

And of course become better at paining.

New York inspires me. I'm inspired by how such a diverse population can somehow find something in common, a common way to be something distinctively New Yorkerish. I'm inspired by friends like Maja, coming here as a step towards fulfilling her dream of doing something creative for a living someday. I'm inspired by people who seem to do be able to do everything they like at once.  I want to do this too! At the same time, a lot of projects can overwhelm you and I have to remind myself to be happy with small accomplishments at a time.

This city

07 February, 2013

I apologize for my absence (and the somewhat random pictures). These last couple of weeks have been a test. How much will it take before I rebook my flight home in fear of not succeeding?  How much does it take before my graphic design instructor completely crushes what little there is left of my ego? Before the huge buildings in Midtown remind me that I have nothing to do here and that I can just dream on thinking that I do?

I want to tear these thoughts in pieces and set fire to them. In fact there are so many of them that I could literally make a little bonfire of it if I wrote them down. And because I know they are all nonsense, I stay. And I stay because I have some sweet new friends, some yet to know better and some that are supporting me in class.

And once in a while, when my shoulders are lowered, this place feels pretty amazing to me.
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