This Year's Highlights - Life in the Valley

30 December, 2013

I spent a little bit of spring and most of fall in Hallingdal, my Valley in Norway. Spending fall here was surprisingly good and a lot more eventful than I thought it would be. I actually finished my thesis, something I had procrastinated way too long. It is still very new to me, that feeling of being able to do what ever I dream of, but I am feeling 100 times lighter than I did.

1. Running errands for Mom.
2-4. A day at Sigrid Marie's farm where we picked tons of of apples and baked the simplest apple pie there is.
5. A trip to the Wildlife Park with Mari
6. A mountain hike with Karin
7. Scenes of fall in the Valley.

I think that one important lesson from this year is that big changes are really tough, but really worthwhile. I never thought I could pull through so mange good things at once. It has really given me the confidence to start over, doing something I love and to always become better at it. I really love that feeling!

I wish you all a wonderful, happy new year! (I am going back to New York with Sigurd in the middle of January, so stay tuned for more adventures!)


  1. happy 2014 dear anna. good luck with your new projects!
    (is that a wolf? awwwwww)

    1. Thank you, likewise Silvia! I can't wait to start them. That is actually a baby silver fox! Aren't they adorable? :D

  2. Wish you all the best! Happy holidays!

  3. This is like a dream. <3 Those photos. And this pie - looks so beautiful! Happy New Year, Anna. :)

  4. piekne zdjęcia Aniu!

    wszystkiego najlepszego w 2014!!

  5. I just keep saying it over and over, and I feel like a broken record, but your photos really are lovely. The apple pie looks so good I can taste it!

  6. Big changes are hard, I guess they are meant to be such a challenge.
    Have a happy new year Anna!

  7. baby silver foxes are so adorable <3 <3
    Happy new year Anna, all the best for you and your boy - i will be here to witness your new adventures*

  8. The photograph of the fox is divine! :D Happy new year to you Anna!

  9. First, much luck for your future Anna!
    and I need to say that I'm stoked with the photograph of the fox! amazing :-)

  10. i wish my daily life is like this. so beautiful. the blue water of the lake, the view. breath-taking


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