This Year

29 December, 2012

Glimpses of life in Bergen.

A trip to San Francisco in April. 

Biking in Oslo.

Musings about home

Life in Portugal.

This year was full of travels, perfect mornings, lucky opportunities. Wonderful people. After falling head over heels for Portugal, my heart aches a little each time I listen to this song. I realized this year that I have to start doing things I love. The things I've always dreamed of, but never dared doing. This new year will be exactly for that.


26 December, 2012

While I was complaining about the lack of winter wonder land last year, this years Christmas couldn't have become whiter than this! Merry Christmas!!

Saying Goodbye

14 December, 2012

On Monday I visited Alfama, that little part of town I lived my first week when I came to Lisbon. Alfama gave me the most perfect start of Lisbon, and the most bittersweet ending of it. I realized then how close to Christmas we really are. I felt so sentimental that day, yet sometimes - all you need is some really good company to quickly turn it into happy moments. 

This is it. The last week of my Lisbon adventure. Only three more days and I will be on my way home.  Last week the future seemed somewhat of a black hole. I had every little plan lined up for my life after this semester, and now, when the world turned up side down - there was just emptiness for a while.

That is when I decided that I needed a plan. Who knows what will happen now, but maybe, just maybe I'll have another little adventure up my sleeve.

// The beautiful site of a recent friend.//


09 December, 2012

Last weekend in Porto was a blast, apart from a troubled camera. I wish I could capture forever the feeling of standing on the top of a church tower looking over the old city facades with beautiful light at sun set making the red roof tops glow.

It's unbelievable how another weekend is almost over again, and another week has just passed quickly by. The fact that it's also December is something that I haven't got used to in Portugal. Just another week and I will be on my flight back to Norway. It seems so distant, almost unbelievable. Just when happiness hit me. And then, when I finally started to realize it, it was all about to be over.
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