Cultura do Chá

17 October, 2012

If you are like me, a tea addict that happens to find herself in Lisbon, do not hesitate to visit Cultura do Chá, if not for the tea, then at least only for the incredible atmosphere. I've been at this cafe countless times since moving to Lisbon and I love it here. One of the staff members joked around one day saying that before I leave Lisbon I will have tried all the thirty teas that they serve. Knowing my taste for tea, that will not be far from the reality.

//Today: Only 9 days until Sigurd is here. Reading : Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. New beautiful sites discovered lately: 4.//5.//. Making me happy: a kind mention by a very talented friend.//

Another Bunch of Photos

14 October, 2012

The last couple of days I have not felt at my best. And although I'm doing my best to not let a cold turn into a flue, I feel that it is really creeping up on me, one way or the other. I'm having the kind of days where all I could wish for was laying in bed for days and having warm vegetable soup served at my bed. I know so well that is not going to happen with my exams being just around the corner. 

I just wanted you to see these pictures of Lisbon before things get a little quieter around here for a little while. The days are still sunny, although much more chillier than in September. On Sundays I like to take a break from readings with a walk down to Placa de Commercio and I somehow always end up having some cherry ice cream from Amorino. It's my new favorite Sunday ritual. 

How was your weekend? 


12 October, 2012

Just another set of random shots from the trip that didn't seem to fit in any of the earlier posts. I look at them and love how they are a product of seemingly, randomness - a shutter released just a second before I could see the subject clearly when sitting on the bus. Sometimes, I wasn't even sure whether to bother picking up the camera in the first place. And yet, something told me that maybe I should do it.

It makes me think of how the art of photography is all about building up this sense of awareness, or instinct almost. It is also about risk taking, and losing pride about that every thing you do has to end up in some sort of masterpiece. It's about taking the time, and learning that it's never wasted even when doing mistakes.

Tavira № 2

11 October, 2012

I forgot to buy an extra film roll, so I was walking around during the guided walk in Tavira and being really selective about what to take photos of. When I finally came a cross a shop that sold film, I realized that we had walked through the most interesting part of town, including one of the most abundant gardens. And you know how much I love gardens!

Lesson to be learned: there is no such thing as too many rolls of film when you shoot analog.

(The dog is, by the way, known to follow along on each and every guided tour in Tavira.)

Tavira № 1

10 October, 2012

Saturday was all about relaxing at the beach in Tavira. There were three of us girls that found started to stick around each other the day before, so we decided to spend the rest of the weekend together. We didn't do much more than eat, walk, pick shells at the beach and barely dipping our bodies in the ocean, which turned out to be surprisingly warm. I meditated. On a beach in Portugal. Can you believe it?

// By the way - one of my friends back in Norway just started a wonderful blog about her adventures in Northern Norway. Take a look here.//


09 October, 2012

This was the first stop on our weekend trip that started this Friday. With rustic, white buildings everywhere and spectacular traces from the Roman era, this charming town of Évora must be the one of the prettiest in all of Portugal. Me and my Polish friend Paulina got lost in it, and truly enjoyed it. An impression that will stay with me forever is eating roasted chestnuts. It gave me that first feeling of fall. I had never tried them before, but they were delicious.

How was your weekend?

Is it fall yet?

04 October, 2012

This is the strangest October. The leaves don't seem to ever get ready to fall from their trees. When I leave for school in the morning, with my heavy sweater on, the air is clear and cool. When I return, I'm all sweat. I eat the sweetest tomatoes, now in October. It feels like fall will never come. What else is new? I'm going to Algarve for an organized trip by Erasmus for the weekend that I'm really looking forward to.

Also I'm counting the days until Sigurd will be here. It's been already one month since we saw each other. It will be another 22 days left. I'm making every effort at keeping myself busy, just to avoid contemplating about it too much.

//By the way, some of my new favorite places on the web are: 1.// 2.// 3// Also, I was featured here.//

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