People and Pictures

30 August, 2012


My Mom about photo editing:
"..but if you edit it, it's not going to be it. You know what I mean? The way it was when you actually saw it."

I'm debuting as a wedding photographer on Saturday and I'm nervous and excited, because I haven't really been confident enough to take photos of people too much. My relationship to portraits is just the same as my approach to people in general. I'm afraid that I might get on their nerves, or that they get disappointed with the results. Which is something I need to change, and which is why this gig is just right for me. I just really would have felt better with that favorite film camera by my side.

I'm curious. How do you go about when taking pictures of people?

Another one

28 August, 2012

Can you ever get enough of them?

I know I never will. 

Making a Perfect August Bouquet

26 August, 2012

My mom creates a garden that remind me sometimes of one of Monet's paintings. Once in a while, when the season is right, my mom assembles the finest flowers into a beautiful collection.

The Fog, Berries and a Blouse

24 August, 2012

I am happy for everything today. My new blouse, throwing away old stuff in our attic, the feeling of the clear, cool autumn air and warmth of the sun and the misty look over the hills when the fog comes in. Sometimes that grace comes so naturally.

Back Home

22 August, 2012

I felt myself rushing from one thing to do after the other yesterday, the first day at my Mom's place. I quickly realized that there was just no need for that and regained my sense of the usual pace of living around here. The thought on soon embarking on another adventure, in a country where I hardly can speak the language and with a busy academic schedule (I've heard), makes me certain that being here and "doing nothing"  is a good way to recharge my batteries.

The warm and moist weather have caused our sunflowers to grow higher than 2 m (6 feet) and with tree-like stems. It also gave us the sweetest strawberries I have ever tasted. Now is the time of the year to discover plants that have found their ways to our garden in mysterious ways. Like a couple full grown tomato plants. Just out of nowhere.

(Also I realized that we have kale, sugar snaps, horseradish and ARONIA growing in the garden this year!)

Days I Love

20 August, 2012

I love those kind of Sundays when you wake up, and the sun shines so brightly on a clear blue sky that there are no possible excuses to stay inside and do trivial things like the laundry. When you live in a country with so very few of these kind of days, you truly learn how to value them!

Wedding Season

17 August, 2012

There can't be anything other than the upcoming wedding season that makes me see the world through rose-colored glasses lately. Notice that my last painting is mostly pink, which is a color I never would have even considered to use a couple of months ago. (PS. That last photo is from gorgeous Karin's bachelorette party, which will remain in my memory until forever.)

Camera Obscura

14 August, 2012

Some shots from a bike trip me and Sigurd did a couple of weeks ago.

My little spotmatic is really ill. From a roll of 36 frames, these three are some of the few ones that are correctly exposed. I had hoped that this camera would be my eye during my small adventures in Portugal. Those first pictures I took back in March were magnificent, and I had no idea that it wouldn't last longer than the few rolls i took. Something has to be done, but I don't think I'll manage to have that camera ready repaired by end of September.

So for the next weeks, I'll be picking up my digital camera again. Which means that I'll definitely will have more updated posts!

the everyday

08 August, 2012

Odessa Rose - For Granted

It is so easy to fall into a habits of living together with another person. I have become so comfortable with it. I used to remind myself that this is only temporary, that in some days or weeks this other person will leave and then I'm back on my own again. This is the first summer that this thought hasn't lingered in the back of my mind all the time. 

Among the Flowers

06 August, 2012

They day after the trip I went to the botanical garden to finish off the film roll I started so I could have it developed. A month earlier would probably be a better time to see what this garden really has to offer, but I found it to be a tranquilizing antidote to the work that I do anyway. I can't help myself but wondering how the life of a gardener must be. I love the nature of the work, mostly being outside, in stead of the paperwork most of us do on our computers all day. What a joy it must be to see supervise growth. Gardeners must love what they do. How can you not, when you see how your effort slowly materializes into living things that spark the curiosity of others.  

Therese & Katja

04 August, 2012

When I look at the two of them it makes me think of how short summer is, how the three of us really have become grown-ups with jobs and responsibilities, and that meeting up, even if it's just once in a while, is the best break from it all ever.

The One, Sunny Day

03 August, 2012

When a sunny day finally came up, and it happened to be a Saturday, we had to make the most out of it. 

A couple of weekends ago Katja and her boyfriend asked if me and Sigurd would like to join them on a spontaneous trip away from the city to a little cute town called Drøbak. We couldn't say no. On the bus we enjoyed the views of glowing oat fields and rolling hills, with blue skies as backgrounds on the horizon. Once we were there, the guys went for beers and me and Katja soon found ourselves exploring the rocky coast. The water that hit the rocks threw gentle breezes over us, and it made me feel like we were on a vacation somewhere. We eagerly snapped photos everywhere and acted very much like we were just that. Tourists to whom everything is exotic.

On the ferry ride home we fell asleep. Then the four of us headed back home and Katja taught me how to cook delicious pelmenis which tasted pretty much like Mama's Polish kluski.

We pretty much seized the day.
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