A Little Update

27 June, 2012

This last week, when my guy was at sea and I had a (so-called) blog-brake, I had my first real work week as a sales consultant on a call center. I am getting used to feeling like a trembling mess by lunch, either in a happy way when getting a sale, or terrified by evil customers screaming at me. I think these reactions say more about me then they do about the job.

Apart from enjoying evenings at one of the islands near by, I've been celebrating my best friend's graduation and I've been painting and reading. (And did you notice something different with this blog lately?) Analog shots from it all will soon be posted!

It all feels the way summer should feel like. How has your summer been so far?

At Sea

26 June, 2012

When Sigurd told me that he experienced dolphins swimming alongside the boat, with the sky completely covered in stars and with fluorescent plancton all around, I realized how mind blowing his sailing trip must have been. His pictures from the beautiful coasts and sunsets in Spain and Portugal give me the goosebumps. 

I know for sure now that I will join him next time. 


19 June, 2012

I've had my first real workday today, and I feel pretty much like the flower on this picture. I'm not saying that being a sales consultant at a call center is a bad job. But it definitely is a hard one. I can't recall a single time that I've been treated like a complete idiot in any of my previous summer jobs. That is why I'm shocked when people that call in have already decided for themselves that I deserve to be treated like one. I wish these stupid things wouldn't bring me down so easily.

A Sailing Adventure

15 June, 2012

My guy is going to Màlaga tomorrow for a one-week sailing adventure. I'm super excited for him (and a little jealous, of course). Since my camera is going with him I'm taking the opportunity to do a tiny blog brake, or maybe post some analog shots from my Pentax Spotmatic taken the last month if I'll get them developed in time.

Hopefully he will come back safe and sound with lot of sailing experience. I can't wait for his stories and pictures.

Longer Days

14 June, 2012

Although the summer hasn't quite set foot in Oslo, the white nights are clearly sneaking upon us. Yesterday I started my summer job as a sales consultant. It's obviously nothing fancy at all, but I'm so happy that I'm staying with Sigurd in this wonderful city for the summer without being concerned about money. I also love the fact that some of my best friends are living in town and that the beaches with their warm breezes are only a bike ride away.

What I love about being home...

12 June, 2012

1) Passing that huge, old tree that grows not far away from where I used to grow up as a child. You just can't avoid noticing it, especially during the winter.   
2) & 3) Flowers. And the garden being full of them.
4) Having the time to bake the simplest rhubarb pie with my mom. And eat it all in one day. 

Cabin Trip

10 June, 2012

This weekend me and three of my besties from school went on a cabin trip. These usually involve a lot of catching up, absurd jokes, mountain hikes and eating ridiculous amounts of dinner (garlic scampi with vegetables) / desserts by candle light.

I love breathing the fresh mountain air and spending the best of times with old friends that I can be totally myself around.


08 June, 2012

"There is just no such thing as working hard and not achieving any results." These are the wise words of my mom I have lived by the last couple of weeks. Even though you never know what the results will be for those four hour exams that are supposed to account for an entire semester of work with one subject, I'm pretty sure that I will more than pass them all.

I'm finally celebrating the fact that I've finished my exams with a weekend at my mom's place. I can't think of any time I've needed it more than now.

This Week...

03 June, 2012

I admired beautiful front yards in Oslo, and dreamed of living an apartment. 

I listened to the cutest guy playing Billy Jean on ukulele. 

I went back to Bergen for another exam, finding everything pretty much in the same state as when I left. I tasted the best carrot cake ever at Cafe Aura. 

I have one trip to Bergen and one exam left. 
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