A Saturday Hike

28 April, 2012

1 & 2) Katja making her way through the swampy trails. We both got our feet soaked thoroughly.
3 ) Flourishing anemones.  

4) Katja getting ready for a tree climb.
5) The view of Oslo from Vettakollen

Sea of Roses

27 April, 2012

When running errands today, I just couldn't avoid to take a closer look at the growing sea of roses in front of the court house. The trial of the terrorist killing 77 people last summer has made people to lay down roses as a sign of compassion for the victims' relatives. It's completely heartwarming to see how many people have done this. Noticing a couple of young girls lighting a candle and hugging each other, made it hard to hold back the tears. 


25 April, 2012

One of the things I've promised myself when moving from Bergen is to start cooking for real again. So although Sigurd lives on 12 square meters and is sharing a kitchen with four strangers, I'm very decisive about making a cooking routine the three months we're here together. (Wish me luck!)

I absolutely love the taste of onion soup combined with cheese toast. I'm sure there must be hundreds of different ways to make French onion soup, but mine was made with vegetable broth, thyme and lots of garlic. And way too much onion compared to fluids. 

Recipe is here. (I improvised a lot on this. I cut the sherry and added garlic in stead.)

Are there any other versions of this deliciousness that you would recommend? Or any other favorite recipes for that matter? I would love to be inspired!

Out of the Haze

24 April, 2012

I'ts been a rough start of the week. I've been packing all Friday, traveling and unpacking all weekend. Since Monday I've been running errands and catching interviews for a summer job here in Oslo. (My mind also won't leave the big trial to rest.)

With all these things that have been going on I managed, by accident, to throw away almost all my lecture notes from this semester. I noticed it too late to retrieve them. It might sound crazy, but I think it was exactly the needed wake up call for the haze that I've probably been living in for the last couple of weeks. 

the Bergen Line

21 April, 2012

Last year I took the eight hour train between Bergen and Oslo altogether 24 times. During a month like April you can leave the town of Bergen with the feeling of spring. When gradually rising in altitude you regress back to winter, before spring awaits you again in Oslo. 

Today the trip felt like the perfect transition. 


13 April, 2012

Oh, how I love the month of April with it's many birthdays. I find this photo of my friend stunning. I took it a couple of years ago, but she is even prettier now. I'm really lucky that I've found such a sweet and generous friend as you, dear Katja! I can't wait to move to Oslo and to spend more time with you!

(And I really hope you don't mind that I dedicate an entire post to you.) Birthday greetings on this blog have officially become a tradition!

A Sentimental World - part two

12 April, 2012

Can you see them in the window?

I'm back in Bergen to wrap up my last lectures and start filling brown boxes with all my things, trying to convince myself to through some of it away, but knowing that it's not going to happen. I'm attaching to things like everyone else. The same goes for places. I know that in time I will miss my big room with the window that can't be opened. I will miss the walks to school in the rain. I will miss passing the house with the five Husky puppies observing me from a window like the sisters from the Virgin Suicides. 

Do you know the feeling of wishing you could have appreciated things more when they lasted?

Easter at Home

08 April, 2012

It's easy to pick up the everyday routines of Easter at home. There are late breakfasts, long walks in the refreshing Norwegian spring air and playing with my newest toy - the guitar - while wondering whether I'll ever learn it properly with all my plans and projects going on. 

Being home makes me realize how good it is to have a one, especially while being in transition between places all the time. 

Happy Birthday Siggy

07 April, 2012

I don't know any other person that is this focused while eating a delicious Italian lunch, and this happy if it's been a good one. You'r truly an epicure. The cutest ever.


05 April, 2012


The last couple of days, when I feel like dreaming, I spend a moment or two searching for pretty pictures of Lisbon. 

My hope is that in four months I will sit like this on my balcony looking out on the old streets of this magnificent city, hopefully with a sketchbook in my lap. I can't wait to spend my next semester in Portugal. 

Thank you, Iva, for letting me borrow your beautiful analog photo!

A Sunny Day in Oslo

04 April, 2012

My first day in Oslo was a sunny day by the wharf, hours of catching up with girl friends and noticing the first signs of the midnight sun to come. 

I really don't mind the thought of spending this summer in Oslo. I used to think that this city wasn't for me. Maybe all I needed was to go away for a little while, in order to see it with a new perspective. 

Or maybe I just love fresh starts. 

Saturday: Road Trippin

01 April, 2012

Thanks to Mikaela and Eystein we spontaneously decided to do a short road trip to Santa Cruz. We made so many hysterical jokes while driving that I'm surprised we didn't crash the car (twice). Are there traces of wrinkles from grinning all day? Probably, but I don't care anymore. 

Saturday: Lunch at Mama's

Lunch at the pleasant cafe Mama's was just the perfect place to start our last day in San Francisco. Although I can't say the food was worth waiting in line for one hour, there is something about American breakfasts that I can't stop loving. Maybe it's the maple syrup making the pancakes taste over-the-top delicious, or the heavenly omelets that fill you up for the day.

One thing is for sure. If I were to stay in the USA for another month, I would easily have gained ten pounds.
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