Sunday in the City

26 March, 2012

Following today's weather forecast,  we missed out on a potential trip to the Muir Woods. Instead we strolled around the Haight and ate brunch at la Boulange. We admired the ocean view from Fisherman's Wharf and watched a red sun set over Alcatraz Island. 

With all what we have seen and experienced lately, it's a little incomprehensible to me that one week from now we will be on our way back home. That old reality seems so distant. 

Museum of Modern Art

25 March, 2012

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was just the place to go on a rainy day. Not every piece of art here is comprehensive for us normal folks (like the one on the third photo), but there was one very interesting exhibition that caught our attention: the non-glorifying portraits by Dutch photographer Rineke Dijkstra.

Five Favorites

23 March, 2012

1. Quiet mornings. I'm talking about the waking-up-at-six kind, when there isn't much else to do than sip coffee and not much else to listen to than bird chat.

2. Dancing. I like how focusing on the choreography draws your attention from the fact that you are doing hard body work. It's definitely the best way to exercise.

3. Croissants. Nothing tastes better than those buttery, delicious pastries. Although they seem very time consuming to make, I have serious intentions of baking my own when I'm back in Noway for Easter,

4. Leather satchels. The ones I like are usually too expensive to buy on a student budget, so for now I'm mostly just admiring them.

5. Cabin trips. Although I'm not the biggest fan of skiing, or winter for that matter, I can't deny that spending time in a warm, candle lit cabin with good company is one of my favorite things to do.

Thank you, lovely Maja, for tagging me in the five things game! I'm challenging Vic, Lamina, Katerina, Gretchen and Holly to write five facts about yourselves. (I made mine about my favorite things, but you can choose whatever you like). What do you say girls?

Jet Lag Cure

22 March, 2012

The last couple of days have been all about eating delicious lunches at cozy cafes, admiring street art and in general keeping myself busy from falling asleep around noon. I think that spending this day with my new friend Mikaela, plus a double frappuccino did the job. 

Best of the Haight

20 March, 2012

When Victorian architecture meets acid street art you would normally expect it to be a crash of epic proportions. Somehow, Haight-Ashbury is exactly that, but where these two elements seem to blend. I think the common denominator is the unashamed boldness. The Haight is definitely what puts colorfulness into the perception of San Francisco.  I hope that this city never stops to amaze me the way it just did today.

Japanese Tea Garden

It was easy making up my mind about what to see first when I went to the Golden Gate Park. The Japanese Tea Garden seemed to be such an obvious first choice. Staying for a while among blooming cherry trees with streams running in the background was exactly what my very jet-lagged body needed. 

Sunday in the City

19 March, 2012

Our aim for the day was getting to know the city better, so we followed along on one of the hop-on-hop-off buses, which in my opinion is one of the best ways to being introduced to a new city. There is so much I want to see and experience. By now my list is so long that I'm not sure if I can do all of it in two weeks. Isn't that typical? 

From today Sigurd is working by day, and I'm on my own. This means I have the freedom to spend my time however I like. I'm a little tempted to put away my intention of studying while I'm here, although I know that is not an option with all the work I have to do.

That being said, the new environment lifts my mood and gives me the much needed energy. It feels like I've been waiting for these days forever. 

First Impressions

18 March, 2012

Even if I've only been here a day, San Francisco has already surpassed almost all my expectations. The city is just as colorful and cheery as I imagined. So far, the weather has not been on our side, but hopefully it will all change by tomorrow. 

I've realized how great it feels to be back in the United States in general. I don't know if there is any other culture where people are this forthcoming. Just saying "Good Morning" to strangers on the street at six in the morning (in a city!!) is such an unfamiliar thing to do in Norway. But I love it. I feel like I have a lot to learn from the American way of being. 

15 more days are to come here in San Francisco. 

Up, Up and Away

14 March, 2012

My suitcase is soon to be packed and my mind is loaded with expectations. S and I are heading over to San Francisco on Friday. The long flight terrifies me as always, and I'm in complete awe of one of my best friends and other cabin crew folks like him. I'm the kind of person who always worries whether we'll come out of the heavy turbulence alive or not.

But then again, it is a beautiful view up there. I love the fascinating feeling of being suspended in time, knowing that the place you are going to might be a completely different world compared to the one you live your everyday life in. What a transition.

I know that many of my friends here are from the U.S. and I would love to hear your recommendations for San Francisco if you have some. I'm open for anything, but especially to all kinds of places with beautiful photographic motives.

the Garden Lady

11 March, 2012

I'm thinking about summer and my mom's passion for gardening. It gets her outdoors every single day from April to September. She spends so much time gardening that spectacular things are bound to happen. By the end of the season we can harvest everything from squash to cherries, which is a big accomplishment when you live in Norway. In contrast to myself, being reluctant to buy a cactus in fear of killing it,  my mother embarks on every garden adventure fearlessly and succeeds ninety-nine point nine percent of the time. 

Mama, how are you doing it? 


06 March, 2012

 I know it's probably nothing compared to San Francisco, but I would say that Bergen has it's fair share of candy colored buildings. My love for Bergen is conditional though. At least one sunny day in the week would be required :)

Everyday poetry

04 March, 2012

The last weeks have consisted of long walks to and from school, lectures, occasional weekend visits, coffee shops and walks in the woods. In other words - not much out of the ordinary. 

When I had my first Spotmatic roll developed yesterday, I was thankful for having carried that camera with me every day. There is nothing better then appreciating the beauty in simple surroundings through a photography. 

To tell you the truth- the Spotmatic has completely stole my heart away. It has made me understand why there are so many photographers out there that stick to analog photography exclusively. 
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