analog love

27 September, 2011

The images might be underexposed, the colors bleak or the composition slightly of, but there is nothing more fun than having a film roll developed. The unpredictable result and the images you forgot that you took in the first place are worth the money and the wait. I've been collecting films for development and finally my eight films are developed.

I'm looking forward to share some analog photo stories with you during this fall, especially because fall is pretty dark and rainy where I live, and sharing stories with you will be a nice rewind.

grateful for fall

24 September, 2011

I'm glad that fall is finally creeping upon us. Maybe the seasons are the only kind of change we know how to tackle. It's repetitive and familiar. And it confirms that we actually made it through yet another year, even though it was difficult at times. I'm grateful for fall.

21 September, 2011

I love this cheerful picture of my mom and her friends in the early 70's. We have a big bunch of these photos at home. (I actually found another bunch in a compartment under the couch right before Christmas last year.) Last time I checked all the photos were slowly deteriorating because of the age.

So I'm buying an all-in-one printer and scanner to get them all scanned. I also need that scanner to do good 135mm film scans. (I have about ten film rolls that are waiting for development). Any suggestions for a good a-i-o printer/scanner ?

Fall in the garden

17 September, 2011

Whenever I am stressed, going home and spending time in the garden put things in perspective. Working physically, weeding, watering flowers or planting bulbs, really does cleanse your thoughts.

What do you do when you really need to stress down? Where do you go? How does it make you feel? 

Rome - day 3

13 September, 2011

We made a big blunder... It turned out that the Sistene Chapel is closed on Sundays. And this was our last day. When we threw our coins into the Trevi fountain we didn't know for sure that we would go back to Rome. Now we knew that we had to.

We visited the Vatican, which was stunning, of course. I'm always impressed on how artists can create so spectacular things in the name of God. It reminds me of this TED video with Elizabeth Gilbert speaking on creativity. (If we believe that what we create is why we were put on this earth to do, then how can we not create these spectacular things?)

On our last day we were served champagne for breakfast at our hotel. We already miss Rome so much, especially the food. What we will do without the velvet mozzarella we so easily got used to, I do not know. What I do know is that, although I tacked Rome of my 100 things list, I will definitely go back there one day.

Rome- day 2

08 September, 2011

1. Walking towards the Piazza Farnese to the wonderful vegetable market (2,3&4) 5. A dog jealous for the attention that cute kitten got 6. Site from Forum Romana  7. From the streets of Rome 8. Castel Sant'Angelo  9. Eating dinner at Brica, a ristorante with the worlds best cheeseplate. 

I woke up 7:00 AM to go out by myself and take pictures. I stumbled upon the food market by Piazza Farnese and watched it come to life. During the day we saw Castel Sant'Angelo, Colosseum and Forum Romana. The buildings are astonishing, although thinking of the 300 000 people perished in the gladiator fights in Colosseum makes the impression of it rather gloomy and not especially beautiful.

The day ended in Una Brica ristorante in Via Pellegrino, a restaurant with a Michelin recommendation. The food and especially cheeses were incredible.

Rome - day 1

06 September, 2011

1. Street view from Piazza del Pantheon 2.& 3. A pizza- like bread accompanying our mozzarella salad
4. The Trevi fountain (which we tossed our coins into so we could come back to Rome) 5. The beautiful walls of Castello Sant'Angelo.

One of the first things we did after arriving in Rome was to locate the closest restaurants, and of course, eat there once we unpacked. The mozzarella salads together with those fresh sun ripened tomatoes is just a heavenly combination. Don't you just feel food is so good sometimes that you could sit there and eat forever?

After finishing that and a whole bottle of wine, we strolled around in the old city looking at the beautiful facades, enormous fountains and beautiful statues. I know it sounds like a cliche, but it's a true one: Rome is like a wedding cake. It's lovely decorated, beautiful to look at and very, very tasty.

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