a story about the antique (that i didn't buy)

29 August, 2011

Once I walked into this stunning, old antique store in Valencia.

I was enchanted by each and every item- the childrens books from the 50's, the old mirrors, books and  small cases. I started imagining where I could put all these amazing objects at home.What I really wanted the most was the tin box at the top picture, and I was determined to buy it, until I saw the shocking 40 euros price tag. Probably a quite reasonable for an antique, but still... I just couldn't get myself to do it.

In stead I stayed there for 10 minutes snapping around with my camera. I guess the photos will be my everlasting treasures now in stead.

Wonderful Valencia pt. 2

25 August, 2011

I have never ended up with so many photos at the end of a vacation. They're not exactly master pieces, but they are quite nice-to-have documentary photos. Happiness can be as simple as to stroll aimlessly in a city in solitude - with the only thing in mind being the search for something beautiful or extraordinary to take a picture of.

Wonderful Valencia pt. 1

23 August, 2011

I really struggle to put into words why Valencia is my kind of place. It might be just because I haven't seen many places, that I find the city different from anything else. But there can't be many cities with this many ornate buildings in one place and at the same time so many cheerful people.

Then there were delicious tapas, the chocolate churros for breakfast every day and refreshing sangrias. What more could you wish from a city?

a taste of Valencia

22 August, 2011

It's astonishing how a simple street photo like this can be so beautiful. More eye candy from Valencia is yet to come. 

First I need a good night's sleep and getting through my first day of school.

I'm off to Valencia

17 August, 2011

See you back here on Monday. In the meantime, relax with some Blossom Dearie.

(A sweet thank you to Ingvild, for introducing me to her) 

Beauties from our garden

11 August, 2011



During the summer I get a total garden obsession. 

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