My week in Spain pt. 2: Alhambra

30 July, 2011

I've always wanted so see a part of Spain that's been influenced by the Arabs, so I was very excited for Alhambra. Although the palaces are magnificent, I would say that the gardens are even more stunning. They are boasting with abundance, and if you'r from a northern country you know what it means when I say that the air "smells hot". It's a combination of herbs and a pungent, warm flowery scent - just wonderfully exotic, that's what it is. 

My week in Spain pt.1: Marbella

28 July, 2011

We had a delightful week in Spain.What I've loved most was our trip to Alhambra, my new haircut and sipping wine we on our balcony in the evenings.

Mountain Scenery

27 July, 2011

The calming views from the mountain tops are like heaven. 
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