Mama's roses - pt. 2

25 June, 2011

Like every other artwork, a garden reflects it's keeper's personality. My moms garden is revealing. It's adventurous and full of surprises, but at the same time nostalgic. More than anything else, my moms garden in it's boldness, stands out from the rest. Not being afraid to lift oneself of the ruck is what makes me admire my mom the most.  


06 June, 2011

A shiny new camera, and a sunny evening - what's a better recipe for a delightful Sunday? This last photo is a glimpse of an atelier that I have walked by on several occasions. Looks like the artist has wrapped up for the summer, since it was almost empty when I peeked in. I've never had the chance to catch her/him in progress - wondering, each time I stroll by, who the artist might be. 
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